Seeing the Future of Downtown Toledo: Growing and Glowing / by Matt Rubin

It's no secret that Toledo has changed over the years. Did you realize it's still changing and growing? Our city is growing, and the future of downtown Toledo is glowing.

"Today, in addition to baseball and the arena, downtown Toledo is home to offices, restaurants and an outdoor recreation area in the Village on Adams. And there’s more on the way with plans for a new corporate headquarters, a new luxury hotel, a museum expansion, and more mixed-use development.' Vince Guerrieri, Ohio Magazine  

What's coming downtown?

These restaurants will be joining Yer Mom's House of EatsKengoAdams Street CafePotbelly Sandwich CompanyKyoto Ka,and the growing number of eateries downtown.

"It just feels like there’s a lot of momentum downtown, and we want to be a part of it," said Jeff Gibbs of the Potbelly Sandwich Co.

Drew Ruiz, of Yer Mom's House of Eats, agreed. "A lot of us have been watching what’s been happening downtown....We feel there’s a movement to revitalize downtown.

It's not just restaurants. According to Jon Chavez of The Blade, the number of apartments downtown is increasing. More shops are going up around Hensville. Directions Credit Union is leasing the 15th, 16th, and 17th floor of the Tower on the Maumee (formerly the Fiberglas Tower) and may expand beyond that. The top eleven floors of the 400-foot-tall tower are being refurbished as luxury apartments

Apartments, restaurants, shops, businesses, entertainment -- there's no question that downtown Toledo is growing and glowing.

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