Why Placemaking Matters For A Vibrant Downtown / by Matt Rubin

Busy downtown street

Urban areas are subject to many changes over the years. Areas that were once vibrant and alive, can become neglected and over time fall into disrepair. These areas can come alive once again with a smart strategy. That is where placemaking comes in.

What is Placemaking

Placemaking is the process of revitalizing an area of a city or town to create a new-found interest through smart planning and creative applications. Through community collaboration, these areas can express their cultural identity and history with renewed interest in these areas with new business ventures. When people work together to create unique and thriving areas in a city, everyone is a winner.

Chart Showing 4 Parts of A Successful Downtown Area

Effects Of Placemaking

The effects of placemaking create an overwhelmingly positive outcome. An attraction to the area develops and people want to spend their time and money in an area where restoration incorporates thought and creativity. It creates and atmosphere that is conducive to prosperity for residents and businesses alike. It is a fantastic way to give the local economy a boost and create new places for visitors to enjoy.

A Downtown Area With Activity of Residents

An example is the latest plans to incorporate placemaking in Detroit. Local government is on board to create a city that people want to come to visit rather than just drive through. The city will focus on creating inviting areas rather than just attractive buildings. They want to instill nostalgia and history into the designs for the area revitalization. One of the focus areas is the Detroit River to the Grand Circus Park. The plan is to create foot traffic by creating new retail spaces in an area that would be a park with activities for families, art, and community events. This concept is a great for areas like Detroit because incorporating placemaking for a vibrant downtown creates growth and opportunity

This concept is an incredible opportunity for areas such as downtown Toledo, Ohio to breathe life into areas that suffer from neglect and are well located. Crane Development has wonderful opportunities for business that wish to get on board for this new endeavor. Please contact us to learn more about placemaking in Toledo