How Worker Expenditures Impact Retail Sales / by Matt Rubin

Activity In A City Restaurant

Office workers are an important factor to the success of a restaurant or a retail store as shown in an International Council of Shopping Centers report that showed an average of 62% of office workers will shop during the work week which totals to an average of $96 dollars per week. Part of that study also showed that the average office worker ate out for lunch three out of five days and spent on average $7.01 on their meals. Multiply these totals by the thousands of office workers in the area, and this outlines just how worker expenditures impact retail business in an area. 

Economic Impact

(Downtown Plan)

(Downtown Plan)

Appealing to the office worker in an area can quite literally be the difference between just making it and actual growth. Office workers prefer to purchase quality items located close to their offices so that they can buy the products quickly and know that they are getting their money's worth. If they really enjoy a product or a service they will be back repeatedly. Repeat business is what will sustain a business over time. Smart business owners know that it is a lucrative idea to locate their business very near an area that features many business offices. Business districts will generate incredible revenue opportunities for adjacent stores.

Smart Opportunities

It is imperative that business owners find areas with a generous amount of offices such as a downtown area. It is also smart to locate a business in up and coming areas undergoing revitalization. For more information about opening a business in such an area contact us. Crane Development is a leader in the revitalization efforts in downtown Toledo, OH and would love to discuss an incredible business opportunity with individuals wanting to open a business in a thriving location.